LP Legal is a dynamic and modern law firm providing clients with services tailored to their specific needs and requests. A client-friendly approach, high degree of professionalism and efficiency are priorities for us. LP Legal provides comprehensive service in civil, commercial, labour, real estate, intellectual property and other related legal areas.

We provide legal support and consultancy in the field of contract law, including preparation, legal analysis and assessment, and corporate law, including labour law consultancy, recovery of receivables and dispute resolution. For many clients, we have already successfully implemented legal advice in a wide range of areas. Our current and potential business partners can thus rely on the long-standing knowledge and expertise of our lawyers.

Our law firm also provides clients with the opportunity to resolve disputes via mediation, either through lawyers of the firm or through a partner firm focussing on mediation, facilitation and support in negotiations. We also respond to requests for effective and quick dispute resolution and inquiries from foreign clients who know mediation from their home countries.