The Independent Trade Union of Police Corps in the Czech Republic (NOS PČR) is a union organization registered since 19 July 1990. It associates members and employees of security corps, staff of the Ministry of the Interior, organizational units of the state established to perform the tasks of the Ministry of the Interior, the Police Academy of the Czech Republic, as well as some former members of the security forces or former employees of these institutions (veterans). The NOS PČR provides legal and social protection to its members, along with other benefits in cooperation with its partners.

LP Legal, as a partner of the NOS PČR, offers its members legal services in all areas of the law, in particular in the area of state service law and labour law, in which it specializes, for a discounted price. Members of the NOS PČR can call or email LP Legal lawyers any time to arrange a meeting in Prague or at the firm’s branches in Hradec Králové, Zlín or Liberec.